Just in case you didn't know.

Allow me to show you what I looked like, as I was driving home at 7:15pm on Friday night:

Now, let me show you what I looked like at 7:18pm:

I was the one in the red car. >:(

I'm going to the doctor today, because my headaches and neck pain haven't abated (I mean, it's making me nauseous for kitten's sake), and I should be hearing from my claims adjuster sometime soon, but there's a good chance my car is totaled. Just what I was looking forward to: trying to find a new car eight months earlier than expected, while my credit is still in the shitbox. Does anyone have advice on that front?


Still completely pissed that the guy behind me told his insurance that the accident was my fault and that he didn't cause the bulk of the damage. Yeah, no. I may have slammed on my brakes, which jammed and I slid into the person in front of me (we only exchanged paint; I have pictures), but this dude slammed into me from behind at a good 15mph which crunched in my poor little 99 Rav a good inch or more, nearly broke off the toe hitch AND the exhaust pipe, and threw me into the car in front of me with so much force that it broke my radiator and the hood won't even open. Also, THAT impact threw the car in front of me into the car in front of her. FUN TIMES.

Of course it happened on a major LA artery during rush hour. And we were in the left most lane. So you can imagine how pleasant other drivers were. One bro-dude with a backwards cap and in a truck so big that it was obviously compensating for something yelled at me, "Get your fat ass off the phone and get out of the fucking road!" I asked AAA to hold on for a second so I could yell back, "We CAN'T move our cars you fucking asshole! But thanks for the fucking useless suggestion you douche!"

So, I guess the night wasn't all bad.