Approximation of Shiny while teaching 4th and 5th graders. But Shiny has a better glare:

Y'all. I am so officially a REAL TEACHER now. No, I haven't gotten the position I've been subbing for since the first of September. It's cool. They haven't hired anyone else, either. And besides:

No, no. Even better. Even realer. Even more proof that I am really and truly a real teacher.


Here it is: A student flipped me the bird in class.

Yeah, let that sink in for a minute. That's pride you feel.

Yes, my friends, I have arrived. And it wasn't just a simple flipped me off kind of thing. Oh, no. He tried to do the "I'm just tapping my face with my finger only it happens to be my middle finger and if I notice that you're looking at me I'll switch to my index finger" trick on me. Pfft. Amateur. I'd been mocking authority figures for decades before he was even born.


So, yes, despite finding his pathetic attempt at rebellion and disrespect highly amusing, I wrote the kid up. Because I'm a fucking teacher.