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Proud of myself!

So a month ago I wrote on GT about maybe starting guitar lessons even though I’m turning *coughthirtycough* next week and how nervous I was about it. Well, guess what? I MOTHERFUCKIN’ DID IT! :D

I was so nervous but, fuck it, you only live once! I went in to the music school for a trial lesson and a tour and it was INCREDIBLE. My teacher is exceptionally nice, cool as hell and knows his stuff. During the first lesson he taught me to tune their loaner guitar and what the six notes are. He played a little to make sure his amp was working and I remarked that it sounded like “Ziggy Stardust” by David Bowie. He grinned and we chatted about music for a bit and then he STARTED TO TEACH ME TO FUCKING PLAY “ZIGGY STARDUST” AHHHHHHHHH!


I left that lesson grinning ear to ear and kept smiling for DAYS! I’m not a smily person! I don’t ever smile! I have total resting Daria face. But I was bounce-off-the-walls-excited for DAYS after that lesson! I’ve fully signed up for lessons and have had a handful of them since. It’s so much fun, even though it’s hard work to develop the muscle memory to play and I walk away from each lesson with sore fingers.

As a birthday gift to myself, I bought my very own guitar. MY VERY OWN GUITAR! I’ve named her Wednesday and she’s an ebony Epiphone Les Paul Special-II LE and she’s the most beautiful goddamn thing I’ve ever held in my arms.

Guys, this is going to sound insane, but I am so proud of myself for doing this. I don’t EVER follow through with my hairbrained ideas. I never put myself out there. I never leave my comfort zone. I sit inside and stare at a computer or read. But I’ve actually pushed myself here. I have to put on clothes on a Saturday and drive to the music school and interact with people. I am actually doing something I’ve always dreamed of. Not just sitting around thinking “some day...”, I actually fucking did it! I’ve proactively started something! This is so unlike me. I have no follow through at all. I am bewilderingly proud of myself.


This makes me so happy. I’m a huge music nerd and I’ve always wanted to do this. I don’t want to be a rock star or play around the world but if I can pull out my guitar on a lonely Friday night and play for a bit, that will mean the world to me. Maybe turning 30 isn’t hopeless bullshit after all!

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