Today, my husband and his (male) business partner are firing one of their managers (“Dickhole”) for sexually harassing his subordinate (“Pretty Woman”), on his first offense, one day after they learned about it. Pretty Woman is a new employee, and they are still firing her boss. They are very busy because it’s Mardi Gras season, and will lose money and piss off their customers due to the chaos that will ensue until they are able to train a replacement, but they are doing it anyway. They have been busier in the last week than they have been since they opened last April, and still, they are doing it. No hesitation.

[The context here is my husband and partner own a bar/bakery/restaurant, and that Dickhole and Pretty Woman work in a kitchen, and often are the only two people in there]. So there is no structure for HR or anything, really no laws protecting anyone (Louisiana!), and this shit is rampant in the industry because professional kitchens are still a boys’ club.

Pretty Woman came to them wanting to change her job duties so she wouldn’t have to be around him. She told them why, they believed her, said they were going to fire him, and asked if they could mention her (they had other things they were planning on “warning” him about, and could have blamed those things). She gave her blessing (although I’m still nervous for her). They did their due diligence and reviewed the small amount of security footage that they had, and it was apparently worse than Pretty Woman had disclosed.

Anyway, it’s not like I didn’t know my husband was a good guy, but you always expect men to default to benefit-of-the-doubt mode “get all the facts” mode, or for them to have been like “Yes, great and easy idea! Let’s move you to another department while we sort this out” making her change the path of her CAREER to get away from one guy.

Anyway, if you want to send some good vibes to anyone today, be thinking about Pretty Woman!