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Providence Community Members and Brown University Students Shut Down Ray Kelly Talk

Good news from Providence!!
Ray Kelly, the NYC police commissioner behind Stop and Frisk, was invited to Brown University to discuss "proactive and effective policing". Once students and community members found out they immediately began to organize resistance.

He did not even get a chance to SPEAK. We shut him down immediately with great chants and powerful testimonies from folks in the crowd.

Some of y'all may know this already as it's been written about in a few NY publications. I am posting this for a few reasons 1)It's really exciting and I'm proud of our efforts, it's wonderful to be able to see direct results from a protest. We wanted Brown to uninvite him, they didn't, so the next best thing was to shut it down and we succeeded. 2)A lot of the write-ups are ignoring the important work that Providence community members did. Many of the folks who spoke out during the talk were community members, not Brown students. A great portion of the protesters inside the talk and outside of the building were Providence community folk. I hate how very little credit is being given to the amazing power of the Providence community. And lastly [and quite superficially!] 3) I just realized I have authorship in GT and what better way to say hello then with good news.


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