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Welcome To The Bitchery

My lil girl pup just got a prescription today. Her anxiety is getting out of control with a toddler in the house. Even when he's in a different room. She will even fixate and lick the floor after he's gone to sleep. When lil guy is awake she spends all her energy running and trying to hide, shoving herself in corners. Scared dog in corner = bad stuff. When I gate her into an area where she should be able to relax she then gets worked up because she can't get to where everyone else is.

I really hope we have some luck with this. I want her to be a happy healthy pup. I would hate to have to rehome her, we love her to bits and she's actually our other dog's momma. But her quality of life is my biggest concern so we are starting to take all the steps necessary to prevent that.


Dang critters! It was interesting having 2 cats, a pup and a toddler in the exam room though haha! We had to bring the other pup along for the ride, it would have been rude not to :-)

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