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Prozac Pros and Cons? (TW: Mental health issues)

I’ve been having a rough go of it, ever since summer. Depression, anxiety, and binge-eating. Some of it is grad school, but it’s beginning to occur to me that I have been cycling through bouts of depression for the past 6.5 years that have gotten increasingly worse/longer. I had an appointment with my university’s psych services last week. The therapist wants to see me weekly and wanted me to see a psychiatrist at the university to talk about the possibility of meds.

The appointment was yesterday morning and was…interesting. She was 25 minutes late (which I wasn’t mad about, because Stella). That meant she was going pretty quickly through her assessment form, though. The assessment felt very superficial—surface only. At the end of the appointment she recommended putting me on Prozac.

Now…I’m not opposed to meds, but I do have some concerns. Meds seems like a big step and I’m not sure what kind of side effects they will have. I’m also worried about starting a course of meds so close to graduation. The psychiatrist told me that I would probably have to be on it for a year.


I’m just nervous about taking that step if I don’t really need it. However, as incurious as the psychiatrist was, I presume the psychologist recommended I go see her for a reason. This also seems like something that should be decided after talking to me a bit more, though, and getting more depth on why I’m there. I asked if I could get a week to think about it. Am I being too cautious? Does anyone have experience with Prozac that they’d be willing to share?

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