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Welcome To The Bitchery
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It is never appropriate to ask strangers personal questions about their medical conditions or treatments.

Disability is not an ice breaker or small talk topic.

If you are not my doctor or pharmacist you have no right to ask what if any medication I take (especially in front of a crowd of people).


Interrupting someone to interrogate them about their medical treatments is beyond rude and especially gross when done as a segue into a rant about how their medication is comparable to cocaine.

Mobility aids are not an invitation to ask people what’s “wrong” with them.

Visible health issues are not a request for unsolicited health advice.

People with disabilities and/or chronic illness who go out in public, just like you, want to be able to do their fucking errands without being harassed.


Learn some goddamn manners (obviously this is a rant and not actually directed at you lovely people).

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