Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

GF: Father tell me you do not have a second family. Oh your mother smells of other dogs too.

BF: I am going to sit in the pantry and sulk and wait for dinner.

Me: We had to go to the Humane Society to make appointments for you two.

GF: That’s an awful place but you and your mother rescued us from their.

BF: Wait an appointment for what (from the pantry)

Me: Your shots. I do not have the details my mother made the appointment and has details.


BF: You are not sending us back are you? I am staying in pantry. Oh your mommy is making supper for us.

Me: Of course not. Sheesh.

GF: We do not like it but its once a year unlike those horrible hair cuts that last hours.

Me: That’s what is scheduled for Sunday.... ooops.

GF: BF move over I am joining you.

Trotting off to the pantry.

Me: You realize we can see you in the pantry.

Do not forget to schedule your dogs for their vaccines or at least remember the appointment. They do not like it but we humans have to make sure they remain healthy.

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