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Someone broke into my boyfriend’s office over the weekend and stole his computer and backup external hard drives. He’s a musician and what they took had the master files for his next record, a just finished score for a video game, and all of his archives. Video footage and photographs.

Thankfully they didn’t steal the very expensive and customized electronic instruments lying around - I guess they didn’t know what they were? Also thankfully another friend had a copy of the record. There are mp3 files of the scores, but not the uncompressed larger files.

Honestly I’m shocked there wasn’t a cloud backup as he’s so so good about backing things up and always reminds me to do so. Usually the three external drives aren’t all in one place but on Friday he forgot the one he usually keeps at home. It’s a locked and alarmed room inside a differently locked and alarmed section inside a locked and alarmed building with security around but maintenance left the door(doors??) open. Just a perfect storm.

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