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PSA: Burners ≠ Trolls

The rape gif story is circling and it's very important, and I agree it's a big problem. I think something needs to be done and not doing anything is irresponsible and sexist.

But I want to say... I'm a burner. Have been for years now. I know a lot of others established commenters are as well. We're burners for all kinds of reasons — in my case it's a need for professional anonymity when discussing loaded topics, but others have their own. I'm reading a lot of calls to get rid of burners or restrict burner accounts, but being able to use a burner account is what initially made Kinja attractive to me as a commenting community.

Plus on a practical level, dedicated trolls don't need Kinja-level anonymity because they're willing to go through the hassle of creating fake Twitter/email/etc. accounts to post.


One person suggested creating "new account" limits, so accounts must be active at least 30 days in order to post images. That seems like a great idea to me. Admittedly, really dedicated trolls could thwart it I'm sure, but it would stop 'drive by' image trolling.

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