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So many people helped me out when I had my first migraine with aura this past weekend. Thank you! A lot of you also seem to get these aura thingies, so I wanted to share what I got from my family doctor today: apparently women who get migraines with aura should not also be on combination estrogen-progesterone birth control. This includes my oral birth control pill (Marvelon) but I think that might include the Nuva Ring as well? The mini pill doesn't have this effect, and neither do IUDs.

Apparently, being on birth control while also experiencing a migraine with aura significantly increases your risk of stroke. I don't know how seriously we should take that (because "significantly increases" a very small percentage is probably still a very low percentage), but my doctor was adamant that I stop my BC today. Today! What! We talked about alternative methods, and I think I'm going to get a Mirena when they have an opening. But I will probably keep taking my pills until then. Because I want to, dammit! I've been on these pills for three months shy of a decade. Stopping with no warning like this feels weird.


Also, I will miss my period. I just got the hang of it! I received my Period Panties in the mail on Monday, and bought a Diva Cup last month, and subscribed to a period supplies and goodies box from Bonjour Jolie. Siiiigh.

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Anyways, that is your friendly PSA! I'm not telling anyone what to do - my doctor kind of put the fear of stroke into me with her seriousness, and I've been wanting to get an IUD for a while, but if you don't OBVIOUSLY that's cool. I'm also sharing because apparently this is a relatively new finding in research, like during the past 2-3 years, so if you started using birth control and/or getting migraines before that, chances are your doctor couldn't tell you about the co...co...cowhatever. Yup.

A not-very-sciency article about it.

Mentioned on this migraine website.

Academic-y shiznat.

Can that male birth control development speed up, please?

P.S. The academic article refers to people who get migraines as "migraineurs". Fancy!

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