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PSA Do NOT buy earbuds from a box of earbuds at a dollar each Do NOT

My skullcandy earbuds for my Nook died again. I swear three months is their shelf life. I buy the $9.99 Skullcandy earbuds.

So yesterday at the fleamarket there is in the back a dealer that sells stuff in boxes. About 90 percent of the boxes the items inside are identical. Think Dollar Tree leftovers.

So there was this box of just earbuds. All one dollar each. In my mind I thought “weeeeeeee 90 percent off”.


I should have noticed something amiss when the size for the item that goes into the Nook was missing from the back of the box. The box the particular earbud came in. It was Made In China.

So last night jn bed I tried it. Its ok for music. Nonmusic. Boyoboy problems arose. I have to jiggle the connector and wire to hear voices. It will be tolerable for a few days until I go back to Target.

To quote Dionne Warwick “Walk on By” if you see a box of earbuds at a dollar each.

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