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PSA Do NOT Call Momo Seriously

I was watching the latest Brittany video who is into the paranormal and she was talking about a new trend and that’s calling Momo. She did not get through, curious I viewed other videos about Momo since I never heard of it.

People are texting Momo, there are three text numbers, people are getting back pictures that are extremely disturbing, including death. One video said a mother’s 14 year old son did this and he screamed then had seizures. Notsure if that’s true.

I assume there is one disturbed individual who owns these numbers and sending these pictures. Where the pics come from I assume somewhere on the internet.


Picture of a kitty first.

I know folks like here and everywhere can be curious but this is a time where keep your curiousity surpressed. Also if you have children let’s hope they are not dialing. Finding out about Momo is exceedingly easy. I only found out about Momo since I subscribe to Britty44. Typing in momo in youtube search line gives you lots of other videos.

Makes me wonder how many people are online giving out text numbers and sending this garbage. Lesson don't text people you do not know.

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