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PSA: Do NOT Sit On Antique Chair And Other Antique Thoughts, Have Any? Then Share?

Its one thing if its a metal bench. Fine. An upholstered chair with wood holding it up? No. If you see a chair from the 1800s with a wood frame, do NOT sit.

1. Oddly these chairs almost always seem to be made for people with smaller frames.

2. Its still 100 plus years old wood. Sure the wood is painted but how sturdy is the inside.


3. You were just outside how clean are your pants and shirt? Do you really want to risk dirtying an antique upholstered chair?

4. If God forbid the chair breaks can you afford up to 2k? Yes one chair that a teen was sitting on was 2100 dollars. His mother told him to get up and not sit again. It looked fragile.

While I am at it. See an antique book? Handle with care. I know everyone here would. Bindings are super fragile.

These chairs are for decoration not sitting. Vast majority are fragile. I am not even sure if they were built with our frames in mind. Not sure if our frames really changed since WW1. Antique by definition is 100 plus year old. So no your Nintendo Gameboy is not an antique. Even though every once in a while you hear at a fleamarket someone (usually one who should know better) claiming 1960s or 70s comics as antiques. I just want to slap them.


I personally never understood why anyone would buy antique chairs except for flipping them. Although shows like American Pickers would not be on without folks collecting these nonutilitarian chairs.

I noticed on American Pickers average age of the sellers is white male and over 70. I have a hunch young folk are not into this by vast numbers. Watching AP I wonder if most buyers are not other older white men over 70.


Even at fleamarkets the sections for antiques are almost all occupied by folks over 70 same with the customers. Most young customers I see at fleamarkets (under 30) are buying dvds, cds or books, videogames, some board games from the 70s. Oh buying records is rare. Forget collectables except for POP. Even sports cards its all older men over 50 buying. Just as late as in high school I had many friends who bought baseball and football cards (early 80s). It seems the younger generations has no interest in this either.

Even comics for singles its almost always older people in their 50s although sometimes 40s. I guess torrenting comics is the what folks do. Graphic novels sell better. Graphic novels are rare to find and if they are like Marvel Essentials I will buy them all if they are under 4 dollars each. One dealer in a space of two weeks I bought all 15 of his. Amazingly no one else bought them. They were 2 for five dollars, a steal. I have paid 9 dollars apiece for some in this series. I have now over 60 Essentials a fantastic series.


I feel so old.

What’s your take on antiques? Do you buy or go to these shops?

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