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PSA Dog Owners

Do not bother with Petco's Star Wars dog toys.

My dog is very non-destructive. All of his toys are soft. He has never destuffed one. And he loves his toys. His favorite of the moment get the place of honor in his food dish.


I got him the Jawa toy. I debated awhile between it, Yoda, and Ewok, with heavy leaning towards the Ewok, but the Jawa toy was so soft. My dog loves soft toys. He cuddles. I thought he would love it.

It went to the spot of honor. But when he started to actually playing with it, he destuffed it! He never ever does that. The lower body is dead. I decide it's a shitty toy that can't handle even gentle grooming behavior.

tl:dr - Star Wars toys are cute and tactily pleasing, but can't withstand the gentlest of dog behavior.

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