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PSA: Don't enjoy your kids too much

Yeah, I know we all know to parent and not “friend” your kid. It leads to spoiled kids or inappropriate overshares or whatever. But more than that it freaking HURTS LIKE HELL when they leave. Ye’let is nine hours away at her school of choice and I am SO happy for her, but. Just... but.

On the bright side, stayed at this BALLER (NINE OUT OF TEN NERF BALLS) hotel: www.harborhousepier21.com


It’s industrial in feel with exposed beams and pipes, sits right on the Port of Galveston with restaurants and bars and awesomeness in every direction, and the view from our window (above) was killer.

Storms rolled in early the next morning and it was even cooler than before.


Watching the shrimp boats was particularly cool for some reason.

And this is UncleK, decent, I swear, striking a pose behind an unexpected translucent panel between the bathroom and room.


Seriously, though, rough stuff, kiddos.

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