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I was at a thrift shop and I ended up sitting in a seat in front of the cash registers. I found nothing but my mother was still lookimg.

I saw a woman carrying straight a floor lamp with a glass ball attached on top. The cashier rung it up. Now this is NOT what you do. I am shocked the cashier was not taught this. The cashier took the floor lamp and put it in a shopping cart at an angle with the glass ball over the side. I was watching and thinking “not a good idea”. Sure enough glass ball met hard floor, floor won. Glass everywhere. It was obviously not screwed on right.

The customer is also to blame. She should have immediately started detaching the glass ball from the floor lamp as soon as cashier rang it up. The cashier should then have taken newspaper or long paper and wrap the glass ball and putting it in a bag to be carried seperately. Let’s face it the customer would have or should have detached the glass ball as she put it into the car.


Also second PSA when buying a lamp from a store, fleamarket, yard sale which has a bulb please remove the bulb before putting it in the car. Put the bulb in a bag or someplace safe. Also one needs to remove the shade also, shades can get crushed in a trunk.

So here is what we do when buying a lamp with shade.

1) Unscrew the top piece (the finial). This allows you to remove the shade. Put the shade flat in the trunk. NOT on its side.

2) if there is a bulb remove the bulb. Put bulb in a safe spot. Hopefully in a bag if you have one. Bulbs break and an unsecure lamp have fun cleaning glass. Even secure remove the bulb.

3) Remember that piece you unscrewed in number 1? Screw it back onto the lamp. This way you will not lose it or go searching entire trunk for it.


4) If you put a lamp in the back seat. Unless you can figure out away to keep it straight up in the back seat (minus bulb and shade) put it on the floor, NEVER the back seat itself if it falls from back seat it could damage the harp. Putting it straight up in back seat means base is on the floor.

5) when in the trunk make sure its secure and not rolling around. If you cannot be sure it put it in back seat on floor.


6) If you have a floor lamp remove the harp if it has one and glass pieces then put it at an angle in the back seat. The base on the back seat floor and top piece angled against a seat. On the floor totally if a person sits in back seat. Or secure it in trunk.

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