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Welcome To The Bitchery

This past week a family member got scammed by some company calling itself IT Services. They called her up and told her they were from Windows and there was some problem with her computers. She gave them remote access to her wireless network and god only knows what they put in her computer (we're assuming they downloaded everything and installed a keystroke logger).

She feels like an idiot - she thought they were legit...she has an address to mail them a check for their services for pete's sake! She got suspicious after she got another call from another guy claiming to be with the same company. (The whole thing is bizarre really, why ask for a check when they already have all the stuff electronically?)


Someone is coming to wipe the computers, my sib wants her to call the police (she might) she's talked to her bank and her retirement fund people (thankfully she deals with local folks so she's been able to protect herself on that front). She's now got to cancel credit cards and probably get some service to check to make sure her ss# doesn't get used (and she needs to expand that to the whole family since I'm pretty sure all of our ss#'s are compromised now). And fuck she probably needs to talk to Medicare as well. That will be a nightmare.

So if you have parents, grandparents or gullible relatives and friends warn them about this!

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