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Welcome To The Bitchery
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PSA From BF Clothing and Rain

Daddy who is often clueless is typing this for me. (I am not that clueless). His Mommy INSISTED GF and I wear coats since it rained. Now we have ancesteral memory and our ancestors survived being out in the rain to pee and poop with no clothes whatsover

Anyways His Mommy does not know how to put the coat on right. The velcro to attach at the bottom to hold it together should NOT let me repeat loud and clear should NOT cover the penis. Of course daddy did not notice. (I confess I trusted my mother to put it on right).


So I lifted my leg to pee and did pee hit the ground? Nope the clothing and against my skin. (I noticed no pee hitting the ground).

So we came in. She took off our coats.

So humans make sure the clothing does not cover the penis.

His mommy did wipe us down which I also did not like. My ancesteral memory shows we can dry naturally.

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