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Welcome To The Bitchery

PSA: Google Yourself

ETA: Here is a list of data brokers who all have consumer information you want to look out for. This is one of those paranoid posts where I tell you to clean up your search results. All I had to do was google my first and last name and state, and I ended up on a site called http://thatsthem.com/. EVERYTHING was on there, my full home and email addresses, phone number, my income range, the make and model of my car, and a statistical look at my shopping habits.

3 months ago, I didn’t even show up on the first 10 pages of Google. And when it landed on something the only reason I knew it was linked to me was because it was something I worked on and was credited to my name. I personally don’t feel safe knowing there’s a full profile of all of my detail in one spot, so I’ve opted out. I suggest you search and opt out of as much as you can, too.


I know this is information someone could pay for if they really wanted it, but it shouldn’t be so easy that a quick Google search pulls up that much detail :(

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