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PSA: Grammar Police (alt. title: classism)

Before I get into this, I’m truly not trying to call out anyone here - I think all of us educated (or educated-ish) folk are guilty of it, me included.

The Grammar Police Force should retire. My usually-not-an-asshole cousin posted this image on Facebook today and it really made me cringe because it was such a clear and direct confession to what Grammar Policing really is about.


All Grammar Policing does is call out people who are less educated, or maybe even who struggled with grammar in school. It also has some pretty obvious racial implications some of the time. I would feel like a piece of shit if every time I opened my mouth someone criticized the way I said something without listening to what it even was. In everyday life, I tend to speak quickly with some pretty heavy slang (yeah, southerner!). I’m sure if I was poor or non-white, I’d get some shit for it.

This has been a (hopefully not too condescending) libsplain* by Hello_My_Lover.

*This is a word my conservative uncle used at me the other day and I find it highly amusing so I’m throwing it in everyone’s face all the time.

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