It’s insane.

(I’ve been trying for the last 15 minutes to find an online version that I can post here. If anyone can suggest where I can find it-on the website or otherwise-I would love to be able to post a copy.)

Basically, the first section is a guy (Donald McCartor??? This is a total rando, right? Not a person I should know?) explaining somewhat incoherently that he tried to submit a paper to a physics journal, and got rejected. And then he publishes the paper. In its entirety. In a full page ad. In the Times. It’s two full pages, so it must have cost him thousands of dollars. And the paper itself is also balls to the walls crazy. I have no fucking idea how to begin to understand what he’s trying to say in it.


Sorry, I know this, to put it mildly, is not exactly an ideal way to read a thing. But after teasing earlier, I wanted to at least give you a sense of this thing, if you want it. Here are a few excerpts that I took using my phone camera. I still haven’t given up on finding a full online copy, although it doesn’t seem to be on the Times site.


This is the introduction to the article
Part 1 of the paper


Part 1 continued.