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PSA If You See This Call Your Doctor Right Way It May Save Your Life

Today at the fleamarket we heard a dealer (60ish) had died recently.

How? He was seeing blood in his urine. He thought it would just go away and would be short term. When he finally went to the doctors he was told the cancer had spread and he had just a few weeks. Ok I am not sure how doctors can determine this but they can. He was unaware the bloody pee indicated cancer.


He died soon after the diagnosis. So if you see blood in your pee call your doctor don’t say “well it will go away”. Now if he went right away it may not mean he would be alive now but he probably would have had a chance.

Really do not take chances with this. It may not mean cancer but do not take a chance. I assume a few blood and urine samples is all it takes to get a diagnisis and some of your time.

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