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PSA Important One And Saw An Act of Kindness Today

PSA First. Today we went to the pharmacy counter in the grocery store for our flu shots. Its far closer then going to our doctor for it, about five miles.

So get your flu shots. The woman giving it, I was really worried she was going to say “let me lean over the counter to give you the shot” or “stretch your arm over the counter”. She did not, she lead us to a side room. Sorry I do not want to be given a flu shot in public. Yes its weird but it should be private.

Act of.kindness. We went to McDs. After the flu shot I deserved it. We had a two McCafe drinks for one coupon. My mother talked them into substituting it for a shake.She told.me to get a table while she asked, I mean talked them into it. So I got in line after she came back to the table and ordered a chocolate shake and for my mother a strawberry. The size was a medium each. Well in front of me was this man circa mid70s with a cane. The clerk at the register took his order and told him to sit down and he will bring him the meal. The clerk did not have to do it. It was really kind to do that. I also got a sausage burrito with mild picante sauce.


Makes me love McDs even more. I just thought a man with a cane they would put the food in a bag and hand it to him or he would have to ask for help. Nope this clerk took the inititive.

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