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At my favorite grocery store’s cafeteria I got their caramel latte for 99 cents. I only like hot chocolate as a hot drink and hate tea and coffee. So I had ordered a slice of plain pizza and thought well its on sale, regular $1.60 for 12 ounces, I will try it. Not sure what to expect. At least taste of caramel saved it, so ugh. How do people drink this. Next time their 99 cents 12 ounce hot chocolate.

Do you know who knew latte was coffee? My mother. Could she have told me latte is coffee? Nope. She came over to take a bite of the pizza, tried the drink and said “why are you drinking coffee”. My response “its latte I did not know it was coffee. It was on sale so I got it”. The pizza was delish.

Robot is here to warn you that latte is coffee. Ugh.


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