Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Trader Joe’s Lentil and Ancient Grains soup is SO. GODDAMN. GOOD. It’s also vegan, 60% of my daily fiber, 30% of my iron, super filling, and super healthy. It’s also $3.29, which is only slightly more than most vegetable-full home made lunches.

I’m super lucky and there’s a TJ within a 23 minute walk of my work - just enough time to walk there, buy 5 soups, and walk back during my lunch break once a week. It’s usually tucked away in a corner, but it should be close to the other prepared lunch food they have.

Seriously guys. I ate my lentils at 12:15pm and I’m STILL FULL at 6:15. I’m spreading the Good Word of Lentils to everyone I know. (Their kale and quinoa soup is also p good.)

What are you go to cheap, filling, quick, and healthy* meals? This is of course the holy grail which is why I’m SO EXCITED to have found this.

(Calorie talk here: I’m trying to eat in moderation between holiday indulgences, so, aiming or lunches in the 350-450 range-ish. I also mean healthy as in full of nutrients.)

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