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Why? Very good question. Two words. Storage Wars is returning.

Your favorites, my favorite reality tv couple Brandi and Jarred. Of course how they remain together has always been a mystery. He is such a manchild. Not as bad as Rene who is a manbaby.


Darrell, sadly without his son Brandon. They have been together for 10 seasons. Brandon now sells real estate. He was cut for budget reasons. Oh wait he sells real estate is HGTV in his future. I always liked their relationship. I loved how they bantered and even when fighting you knew they loved each other.

Ivy the adult on the show. I just like him.

Mary, very nice but she seems fake. Her wackiness always seems a bit fake.

I wish Rene was not returning. Manbaby is such an apt word for him. Although like Mary at times I wonder if some of his manbabyness is all an act for the camera. If either were like what they are on tv they would not have businesses for long.

I do not know about Dave returning but I would take him over the manbaby Rene.

Most importantly the show educates on used stuff. What’s junk and what’s not. Or at least junk that has value.


Who else is excited? Besides me and my mother. Its the perfect “love to hate it show”. Plus a million zillion times better then Antique Roadshow. Why? Those items are items you might actually come across or have unlike Antique Roadshow which focuses on high end often rare stuff.

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