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PSA: Modular Appreciation Post

So this morning while perusing some corners of the ever-expanding Kinjaverse I came across a seriously funny troll username (and, no, I'm not gonna name-drop or link b.c that'll summon them and I don't want to give them the satisfaction of knowing that I enjoyed their punning skills). While I've been mostly off the main pages since the Kinja 1.2 rollout went GM-wide, I can't help but notice a new rash of troll accounts (sample size notwithstanding) there and in the sub-blogs as well.

Then it occurred to me that we probably don't thank our mods enough (at least explicitly) for their diligence around these parts and putting up with our general, every-day shenanigans. NuKinja has been upon us for some time now and while we all grapple with how to read things chronologically and WTF highlights even mean, I would imagine that it has made their (unpaid, volunteer) jobs that much more difficult.


So I raise my second pot of morning coffee to our GT mods: Slay Belle, Celia, Chritter, JoanBeam, LaComtesse, and Sorcia MacNasty (and any other super secret shadow mods out there that may or may not exist too)!

And remember folks, if you see something, tip your mods! [ETA: I don't know how to link to email anymore so commenters@jezebel.com]

This has been an unofficial broadcast of the GT modular appreciation system. This is only an unofficial announcement. For all official announcements, see the MOD TALK tag.


Now back to your regularly scheduled shenanigans.

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