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PSA: My dog is not muzzled

This is because I am getting real tired of seeing people snatch their children away from me during afternoon walks like I’m walking a goddamn bear down the street. So, here’s a tutorial.

This dog is muzzled. Note how it cannot open its mouth, that’s a hint.

Does not play well with others.

This dog is not muzzled, but is happily enjoying a walk with his headcollar. You can tell because his mouth is freaking open! With that on, he can eat, drink, and bite if provoked. It keeps him from pulling too hard on the leash and gives the owner more control than a regular collar or a body harness. I’m told that there is a pressure point on the bridge of the snout that, when they pull, is uncomfortable, and reminds them to slow down and chill. Why this discomfort does not stop them from choking themselves for an entire walk, I cannot explain.

Pet me!

This guy, with the Hannibal Lecter-looking contraption, may want to fuck your shit up. This is another type of muzzle. See how he can’t bite with it on, since he can’t get his mouth around anything?

Can you still hear the lambs? I can, because my hearing is very good.

This one is just minding his business while wearing a Gentle Leader headcollar. There is no reason to assume that this dog is dangerous. It may just be that, like my pooch, on a plain collar he’ll sprint and strangle himself like a happy idiot no matter how fast you go. But on this, he’ll take a more leisurely outlook on walking. A plus for mine is that my neighborhood is constantly littered with chicken bones, and its easier to pull her head away from discarded “food” than to have to pull her bodily away from it.

Good dog!

Thank you.

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