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PSA Poop Mine Fields Are The Worst (except for real mines)

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

At the fleamarket there are two paths to get from one section to the other. Path A and Path B. Today I chose Path B. Path B is also where cars drive through so I had to walk on the side. The fleamarket allows dogs so lots of.dogs go. BF amd GF do not go since well BF likes to lift.his leg in front of booths. Its also a lot of walking.


So I was walking the side of Path B when I looked down amd realized I was about to step in poop. I liked next to me, poop. In front of me a mime field of dog poop for about 10 yards.

So I lifted one foot then the other to check if I had stepped in poop and fearing I would tip over and fall.

Thankfully I did not tip over and fall. I weaved around the poops until I walked.where the cars drove. Thankfully I made it poop free. Sadly the other side was worthless, junk, junk and more junk. Actually both sides.were horrible. I spent a dollar on a diet coke. My mother seven dollars on a lamp and rooster made of plastic and made to be outside. As if she does not have enough stuff out back that rooster will join it. The lamp is a seventies era lamp we have an identical one which she paid 100 dollars when it came out in the seventies. So now we have two ugly lamps.


The lesson never pay full price for a lamp. She still has that one as a reminder of not to pay full price for a lamp. Now we have a pair. The base of the lamp is a metal flower in which the middle is a white stick where you screw the bulb in.

This is not the lamp but you will get the idea.

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