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PSA: Queen Sugar is on Hulu

A while back, MarthaJones posted about how amazing Queen Sugar was and I commented at the time about how I was dying to watch it but how it was something that was very hard to get access to without paying for each episode or if you were not a cable subscriber.

However, it is now on Hulu! So if you have not watched it or thought about watching it PLEASE DO. I am watching it and it is stunning. I’ve made like 10 people watch it because I need someone to talk to about it because I have SO MANY OPINIONS about all of the characters. It is beautiful and captivating and well thought out and while I rarely say this as it’s so pretentious, it is important.


Something else I will say - I live in New Orleans and this of any show I have ever seen might actually capture the spirit of what it is actually like to be here day to day. It rings very true on a more than superficial level. I know, I know, it will shock you to learn that unlike what you see in The Originals no one in New Orleans actually sits around in cemeteries and screams “I am a French Quarter witch! I was born with blood on my hands!” except me, when I’m drunk, and re-enacting scenes from The Originals.

Please ignore everything I just said about The Originals and trust my TV opinions that Queen Sugar is amazing and we should all watch it.

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