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Welcome To The Bitchery

You can, in fact, be outraged that 9/11 First Responders are actively getting fucked over by asshats in Congress without a weirdly xenophobic “we can take in Syrian refugees/fund foreign aid/give billions of dollars to Iran but not take care of our own?”

Actually, we can take in Syrian refugees and fund foreign aid AND take care of our own, yes. Except you all keep voting in people who are primarily interested in taking care of corporations and themselves.


Possibly my biggest frustration with the American public is the general disinterest in foreign affairs and lack of comprehension of the fact that globalization is real, we’re not living in a world of neat little Westphalian states anymore - what happens across the globe will affect us here, somehow and some way. And it just smacks of privilege - we don’t have to care what goes on in the rest of the world because although it will affect us, it will do so indirectly.

I’m sorry of this is inane or doesn’t make much sense but I’m home sick and I’m frustrated with everyone.

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