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If you think something is wrong, it probably is! It might even be a ruptured ovarian cyst and no you’re not being dramatic and you might need heavy duty painkillers and IV fluids!

In other news, I’m really happy to be in Canada right now. I’d say it was an hour and a half ish wait at the er/urgent care center until I got seen, and most of that was waiting to register with the triage nurse, but once I was seen they moved quickly. The nurses were great, the older male doctor was kind and listened to me while also being the only doctor on call. (I went to the urgent care wing attached to a hospital and er since I wasn’t sure if my pain was serious enough.)

At first the nurses were thinking I might have an std because lower abdomen pain and young women or something, and were a bit confused about my previous treatment for similar pain back home in the states (I had a CT scan that showed an ovarian cyst but I also had some bacteria in my urine so they decided I had a UTI even though I had no normal UTI symptoms, and then the hospital failed to actually finish testing to determine what kind of bacteria). But then while talking to them I’d have waves of pain intense enough to leave me sobbing and unable to talk, and that really made them move. I can grit my teeth and breathe through a lot of pain so they probably didn’t realize how bad it was before. Which, if you’re seeing a lot of people in more dramatic pain, is fair!


The nurses were the ones who insisted I have pain medications appropriate to the level of pain I was in, even before getting test results back. I’m really glad they did, since it got worse and I could feel it pretty strongly even through the morphine. Apparently my lower abdomen is full of pockets of fluid where fluid shouldn’t be due to the ruptured cyst, which is apparently known to be an extremely painful condition! I feel so validated!

Everythings fine though and I’ll be ok with plenty of rest, fluids, and pain killers. Thank the goddess this happened in the age of modern medicine and in a place with socialized medicine. I probably wouldn’t have gone back to the er if I had been in the states still, as that first visit is gonna cost me about $2k even with still being on my parents’ insurance.

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