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PSA Twirl Yourself But Not A Christmas Tree With Glass Balls Then Don't ugh

As Murray Goldberg says “don’t be a moron”.

At a thrift shop they were selling four foot Christmas trees with glass balls. This man circa 40 with his wife and two small preteen kids were looking at the trees. When the man who was old enough to know better twirled the Christmas tree. Twirl yourself if you have to know the Christmas tree.


This is a photo of a man twirling himself. If you have an urge to twirl well this man in the photo is doing it well.

The next is a picture of a 4ft Christmaa tree. This you do not twirl.

So guess what happened. You need one guess. Yup two balls went flying and smash. Glass all over the center row. Smack dab in furniture section. What did this father who twirled the tree do? Did he listen to his wife who said “lets get someone”?


Remember the first photo “don’t be a moron”? He ignored her and kicked the glass to the side next to an upholstered chair.

The term “moron” kept floatng in my brain while I yes I looked for a clerk. Not sure why clerks were not around nor customers since usually that’s a busy section.


When I returned a clerk (about thirty seconds later) was cleaning the mess, the family long gone.

Lesson do NOT twirl a Christmas tree like you would a dance partner. If you break something and glass is everywhere you have the person you are with stay with the broken glass while you get a clerk.

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