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PSA Two For One Including a Writing Lesson By An Unpaid Writee

PSA 1. Do not say to yourself “its two days before New Years eve I need to buy a calender”. Well guess what? That’s what my mother thought. So we go to Dollar Tree and there are about 12 calenders but they were all one of these three. A) Disney Princess calender, Disney Cars calender and Tinkerbell calender.

I walked away to browse. She chose the Primcess one.

PSA 2. Do you write for a living? I do not but would never, ever make this mistake and also I would not be afraid to ask a source if they are drunk or pulling my leg. If there is a source and I kinda doubt it.


We went to the grocery store I wandered around then walked to an empty checkout line and stood and read this article about Chuck and Camilla. Since well I confess I often like reading the latest about the coverage of the Royal family.

The article was badly written. Really badly written. I felt like a Pulitzer Prize winner.


A) Camilla and Kate are NOT rivals for the throne. Since one their hushands will be on the throne not them. Since two Great Britian has a very simple line of succession from Queen Elizabeth to oldest son Charles to his son William etc. It was written to avoid rivalry

Do not start an article with an obvious error like this it ruins the rest of the article which was over the top and badly cartoonish.


Charles, Camilla, William and Kate were together and this is from a Palace source. Who is either drunk, pulling a fast one or the source lives in the writer’s mind. The last is my theory.

Camillia who is dying and needs a liver transplant called.Kate.a “common breeding mare”


William confronted Camilla and called her an “evil witch”

Camilla ran cryng to Chuck who said “your reign of terror is over” and kicked her out.


This does not even read as of they were real people. Unless you are Trump people do not talk in hyperboles. I cannot imagine Camilla being this obviously evil. I am no fan of her or Chuck but this is over the top stupid evil. A paid writer shoud know this. As a reader it is insulting. If you get paid to make stuff up at least let the good reader say “well its plausible”.

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People buy this magazine? Ok I confess in college in the late 80s I bought every so often Weekly World News and ever rarer Star Magazine (before they became a magazine they had juicier stories then). I was a Batboy fan.

Still they were better written back then.

I wonder how Batboy is doing?

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