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Welcome To The Bitchery

PSA Two For The Price Of One

PSA #1 Seriously thrift shop couches are the worst. Yet again while waiting I went to sit on a couch believing “this one will be comfy”. Nope like 95 percent you just sink into it, no support, you just sink. Ugh.

PSA#2 Read labels.

Yesterday before we left:

My mother: Do we have more paper towels if not I will buy a package.

Me: (glancing in the garage I saw a package which looked like six rolls of paper towels and unopened) We have six package unopened.


So we went to the grocery store and thrift shop and Lowes to check price of lamps.

We got home and went inside. I took BF and GF out to pee and poop.

My mother: I need some paper towels.

Me: (I opened the door to the garage then reached for the paper towels the label was on the opposite side. I tore the package open and one popped up. I thought I broke it. Do you know what it was? Toilet paper. I turned the package around and read the label) I thought these were paper towels its toilet paper.


My mother: Go upstairs and get the one from the closet.

That is used to clean the bathrooms upstairs. So I brought it down. Thank god it was half full and I do not clean the sinks and mirrors until Monday.


Today we went out and she bought a package of 20.

Lesson: Read labels and do not assume.

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