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PSA Walk to sidewalk and would you honk?

We were out shopping. We pulled into the plaza to go to the grocery store. We were driving in front of the stores looking for a place to park. Now as you all know this is the busiest part of a plaza for cars.

Well this woman stopped smack dab in the middle of this lane. Just stood there. Head down and thumbing through her cell phone. My mother stopped because she could not drive further since this woman was thumbing through her cellphone. We waited, no one behind us.

All she had to do was walk 15 feet to be on the sidewalk. We waited a good 15 seconds before she saw us and walked.


Would you have honked. Its superdangerous doing this. Cars will go fast here or not pay attention.

Maybe I am an old fogey who believes that you look both ways then walk at a good pace to get on a sidewalk. That driving lanes in plazas should be treated as a road when walking.

Or I am an old fogey.

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