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PSA What NOT to call an anchor when you are a guest, hell say it to no one

We had to leave early this morning. So while waiting for my mother to finish dressing I finished my breakfast which was toast with peanut butter and jelly with a bowl of pineapple slices with tapioca pudding mixed together with cream on top.

Oh that reminds me I need to get more cream tomorrow. Totally left my mind today.

Anyways I was watching tv and flicked on Evine Line for something relaxing and banter. It was quarter of eight thus an encore. It was from last night Lynne Schacher and Chuck Clemency. Lynne is like Chris Jansing in a lot of ways, both extremely quick witted, both have a joy in what they do. I wish Jansing was still an anchor on MSNBC she was their best news anchor and interviewer.


This is a picture I found of both of them together. Sadly its not a studio shot. He is often her guest. So what did he call her? My jaw dropped. Utterly unprofessional and disrespectful. He called her sweetcakes.

Sorry that’s demeaning. Yes they appear to be friends and banter a lot. Its also a workplace and that has no place. Or anywhere. Yes it can I assume be used as a word under intimate situations, its still wrong and not an intimate situation. He is a guest, she an anchor. People have names use them.

I assume he meant it as a word of affection its still demeaning comparing a person with food, more so at the workplace. Let alone on tv talking to an anchor in which you are a guest. That is so disrespectful. Disrespectful to her and the audience.

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