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PSA When sitting at a booth in restaurant, public cafetaria etc keep feet OFF chair in front of you

I got a slice of plain pizza and a 20 ounce bottle of Orange soda. My typical lunch at the grocery store. So I went to the cafetaria to eat it. There was a 20 something guy sitting at a booth alone. Ok I always sit at booths alone until my mother joins me. His feet were on the chair on the other side of table. Although many single people use the booths since you can see the tv better.

If he had a cast, ankle brace or knee brace fine those are the exceptions. He had none of them plus when he left he walked fine.

People sit on those seats. How do I know he did not step in dog poop, dirt, food, all of which could leave residue on the seat.


The seat on the opposite side of the booth are NOT for ones feet. The chair is not a foot rest.

The pizza as usual was good.

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