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PSA: You Guys Should Watch The Guest

I feel like the most coverage this film got was from that time the nice British newsreader asked Dan Stevens (who, God love him, will never not be Cousin Matthew in our hearts) if he had to beat off a lot of American actors to get this part. And while that was a great moment for sociopaths who love second-hand embarrassment and the mortified confusion of a woman who just wants to know why everyone's laughing, I'm here to tell you that the movie itself is outstanding.

It came out back in September, and I think it did okay at the box office, but then seemed to gather some ironic "cult" steam a few months later.


I mean, it's not a great film, but if you like 80s horror/thriller movies with a heavy dose of self-conscious camp and a tanned, toned Cousin Matthew doing a (surprisingly not terrible) Kentucky accent, this is the entertainment experience you will enjoy to a modest, if not greater-than-average, degree.

I will not give you any of the plot details, because going in unspoiled is an absolute must, but if you have seen it, please join me in the comments to laugh about all the crazy shit that happened.

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