Hey, guys, I just got minorly screwed over: Zenni Optical will not issue store credit on a return if store credit was used as payment. So, say you buy a pair of glasses, they're not quite right, you return them for another pair and DAMN, those are no good either! Well, not only are you out an entire month's worth of waiting on shipping via the slow boat from China, you're out cash, too. The customer service reps are trained to say that it's on the FAQ page, it is not. It's hidden in the fine print on the Terms of Usee, accessed via a small link at the bottom of the page.

The glasses are so cheap that it's not the end of the world, but I feel like the company is taking advantage of that fact with this practice. Reticence about buying glasses without trying them on holds a lot of people back from buying glasses online, making ease of return a selling point. Hiding this information in the fine print is kind of dishonest from my perspective, particularly the falsehood about the info being on the FAQ page. Were it on the FAQ page I would have known and factored it in as a risk.

Anyway, be warned!