This little rant is about gender-ambigious author names, be it a genderneutral name or the typical abbrivation to NK or KJ or whatever.

Years ago I discovered the author KJ Parker. They wrote super interesting bleak Fantasy that had no magic, but was full of intrigue, plot twists and completely unlikable characters. Of course I did my research and of course it was right at the point where I had started to actively seek out anything but white male voices. There wasn’t much to find except that pretty much everyone was sure they were a woman.
The thing is: When Tom Holt kind of came out as the voice of KJ Parker (2015, so like ages ago), I didn’t think “Hey, cool, now I know and now there is even moar stuff I can read.”
No, I felt betrayed.
Because lets face it, women use all those gender-ambigious names in order to sell books, men do it, because they can and because they want a piece of that cake, too. KJ Parker would’ve sold enough books calling himself Kevin Jason Parker (ok, maybe other names, sorry to all the Kevins and Jasons).
I bought a trilogy by Parker, because it sounded cool, so the books got my interest anyway. But especially that year I only read women, I’d have given other voices preference further on.
What this stunt has actually accomplished is that I have lost all interest in anything he wrote or will write, ever.
But I’m sure he’ll be fine, just like all the other white men of this world.