Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Psst…if you want to talk about last night's RHoBH, come over here!

First, I want to espouse my favorite theory about the show: The only reason Brandi is still on this show is because of Yolanda. Brandi gives Yolanda the perfect cloud coverage, so that Yo can just scurry around talking about Brandi instead of letting more than a glimpse of her real lives on to the show. There is just no, no way that David MyKing Foster is going to let Bravo film his wife and him puttering around the house talking the same way Mauricio and Ken do. And there is no other reason why someone like Yo would even go near Brandi, let alone be her sole friend and champion. But she wants to be on the show and Andy wants to keep her on the show, especially since occasionally Gigi pops by, so they give her this totally unbelievable role as Brandi's cheerleader, keeping Brandi linked to the rest of the cast.

Brandi is the worst kind of castmate: she has nothing to lose and she needs to the gig. So she will do and say anything to get screen time and she devours the whole show.


Why is Lisa Rinna so afraid of Kim? Do you think there really is a secret thing about Harry that Lisa doesn't want people to know or do you think Lisa thinks Kim will just make up something awful?

And, finally, Eileen is the best! Ashley Abbott forever!

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