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Welcome To The Bitchery

Psst Republicans Here Is A 100% way to win the White House

A little secret for republican strategists lurking hee.. Shhhh. Here is how to win the White House in 2016. New England and the Northeast. Win here you win White House. Many democrats swoon over a certain type of republican in New England. Know what type. Shhh. Its a secret. Shhh. Here it is. Fiscal conservative and social moderate who does not talk religion. Seriously you know what every New England child is taught each and every generation. You do not talk religion. Asking a person their religion is totally taboo like eating human flesh. Its in our DNA.

Yet mony, many New England democrats swoon over fiscal conservatives social moderates. Gov. Bill Weld easily won the bluest state in America. Senator Warren Rudman is still discussed with respect by democrats. Gov Paul Cellucci was loved. Olympia Snowe liked by all democrats I know. Senator Judd Gregg respected. Even John Sununu the senator left the senate with littlle hatred. Yeah his dad is hated by all democrats I know.


Oh if Weld was 2012 nominee and not Romney he would have won Mass, NH and Maine. Well if Weld picked a fiscal conservative social moderate not Paul Ryan.

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