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Psychic Readings

I just had a tarot reading and it fucking shook me.

I went for funsies with a friend and ended up crying halfway through. I've been out for an hour and the tears are finally starting to slow.


The reading was overwhelmingly good—lots of positive energy coming to me and being put out by me. So they're happy tears/tears of relief. I'm just surprised by how dead on the reading was and how much it affected me.

I'm not sure I even "believe" in tarot stuff (please, don't throw things at me if you feel strongly about this issue from either side); we just went on a lark. But regardless of belief, what the reader told me really, really fucking resonated.

What about y'all? Who's had a reading done? And how accurate was it?

For the record, my friend's reading, from a different woman, was also extremely, extreeemely accurate. Stuff is weird. I feel weird. Weird about stuff.

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