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Psychic Update!

So, I went to see the psychic. And it was an amazing and wonderful experience. I feel like, well, I feel great.

So I went to her office, and we sat down. She used a deck of playing cards to read. She left the room as I shuffled them and concentrated on what I wanted to know-love, my future, my family, etc. When she came back, she immediately picked up on my anxiety. I was doing my best to keep cool-I came in dressed casually so she couldn't read that, and I controlled my shaking. What she said about that: "You are a very fragile and sensitive person, and you are going through a transition right now. A new chapter is opening for you, and from your next birthday to the one after that, many opportunities will present themselves to you. All you need to do is become confident. You were let out of your golden cage, and your wings are still developing. Soon you will learn how to fly".

Some things of note:

  • I will be getting a government funded job within the next year, that will pay well. I am looking at/have connections at a very prestigious think tank.
  • I will go into the career I am thinking about, but don't really dig. However, I will be able to do what I want on the side, and later become successful in it.
  • My mothers chemical imbalance, and our bad relationship. She said that my mother is a young soul, compared to me (old soul), and I have to be patient.
  • My dads law partner getting what's coming to him for screwing over the firm.
  • Love. I'm going to get love. Within the next two years I will meet my soulmate. I almost broke down in tears because I never thought I would be in love, like, I don't deserve it. He's going to be a few years older than me, and have a rugged look about him. And we will be together forever (seriously, king of hearts kept coming up like crazy) and well off for life (and she said I would always be finically stable-which is true because I already have a considerable amount of money).
  • I'm going to travel at least twice in the next 3 or 4 years.
  • I've had a lot of past lives. Thus, I know a lot about history. Because I lived it.

I recorded the session. At the end she let me ask questions. I asked her who exactly is looking out for me. She said I have like, crazy ton of angels around me. Mostly the Archangel Michael (my favorite angel). And my grandmother, who knew she was a bad mother (mom's mom), but wants to make up for it by looking out for me.

Advice she gave me: thank my angels every day for giving me such a blessed life. Clear my mind. And look out for my soulmate, because he's looking out for me. That's the part that made me the most happy.

Yeah, I know. I come off as gullible or a complete kook who heard what she wanted to hear. Or that the psychic was a wackadoodle. But I did everything I could to not give any information about myself, and she just...she made me feel like there's something out there for me. I was questioning everything, but now I feel like I have more of a purpose in the universe, and that there will be good things in my life that I really do deserve.

If you get a chance, go see a physic. It will be worth your time, and go in with an open mind.

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