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Psychocracy: Yesteryear Hoodies Need To Be Banned Today Trenchcoats Tomorrow Wear Underwear

Guns are not to blame according to the far right or really just republicans its what one wears. The clothing does the shooting.

Today on tv Hugh Hewitt blamed trench coats. So if its raining or you like stylish coats well do not wear trenchcots folks will think you are a killer. Hoodies well you are just a hoodlum, killer etc. Hoodies to republicans are the devils wear especially on young men.

So tomorrow they will be screaming “young people especially young men need to wear only tank tops and clean white shorts if not they may murder you,if they are on ritalin well just buy a plot of land at cemetary now”.


Remember clothing kills people not guns. Well according to the brilliant republican minds of today.

We have gone beyond idiocracy. We have entered a psychocracy where psychotic delusional thinking rules the nation.

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