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Psychologist Appointment - commence freakout (updated)

UPDATE: thanks everyone, I am going to bring but not take my Ativan, and make a list. If anyone wants an open thread for their mental health stuff, feel free to post here <3 big hugs to everyone for their time & advice.

Hey GT,

As some of you know I've been really struggling this last year, coming to a head in January. Since then I've pretty much been a wreck. I'm awaiting an appointment with a psychiatrist (I'm already on Trintellix via my family physician)


Anyways, I booked a psychologist for this evening and now I'm freaking out! My biggest worry is feeling worse before I feel better, because I don't know how much worse I can feel and still function. I have panic attacks every day and I don't want more.

Anyways, what do I expect? Should I bring a list of my issues? Should I take an Ativan if I'm actively panicking before hand or just arrive like a basket case? I need hugs.

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