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Or: Why does my dog keep pooping inside?????? (Come for the cute dog photos, stay for the potty talk.)

I adopted my dog, Yoora, while I was living in Korea. She couldn't go outside for the first six months or so because she was still recovering from severe heartworm and pneumonia and hadn't finished her vaccines, but she was religious about using her pee pads. Even when we were able to start going for walks, she was still extremely conscientious about going in the right place when she needed to, though she would try to wait until she could go outside. She would never poop inside unless she was desperate, which meant that no matter what was going on in my life, she had to go for a walk every day if for no reason other than she wouldn't poop otherwise, would get constipated, and then when she did try to go it would be painful.


Cut to 2012 when she and I move to Texas, and she starts relieving herself wherever she damn pleases. At first she had bladder stones and it took me a while to realize it, so the poor girl really didn't have a choice. Those are gone now, however, and I have to keep her in my bedroom all day or I'll come home and find she's peed everywhere.

Then cats moved in, and though they were introduced carefully and gradually, Yoora was (kind of understandably, I think) upset. And showed it by pooping a lot. Especially in the kitchen for some reason. I've made a lot of effort to show her preferential treatment, give her more affection than before just for insurance, let her have little treats that the cats aren't allowed, etc. No difference.

Plus, for a while a friend lived with me, whom Yoora never warmed to (I should have trusted her judgment btw). He's finally been kicked out, but she keeps pooping in his old bedroom. When she goes outside it takes her FOR-EV-ER to poop, but somehow she can whip into his room and drop one and whip back out in the blink of an eye.

Are there any dog experts in the house!? Why is she doing this, and how do I get her to stop? She perfectly well understands "Want to go potty?" and that this means she's going outside. There's nothing wrong with her plumbing, physically, although she has a couple unrelated conditions.


(If you're wondering how much pee the bladder of a dog this size can really even hold, the answer is A FUCKING LAKE)

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